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Speaking IELTS part 1

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1. Do you like museums?

Generally, I have to say that I’m quite keen on museums; the reason is because going to museums is one of my favourite hobbies. From these museums I discover insights into history as well as learning about my ancestors. I’m especially fond of military history museums, because I can learn more about the ways my ancestors struggled for the independence of our country.

2. How often do you visit museums?

Well, naturally, it really depends. For instance, if I have time, I may drop into some museums once or twice a month. On the other hand, if I’m busy studying, I will only visit when there is a special exhibit. Every time I go there I learn something new.

3. What types of museums can be found in your country?

To generalize, we have many types of museums in Vietnam. The first type is the military history museum, of which there are several, due to Vietnam’s struggle for independence over a period of many decades. Another common kind is the art museum. As you probably know, Vietnamese people are very creative and they produce many types of art. All of these arts except music can be viewed in museums. Likewise, there are other kinds, such as Vietnamese women’s museum, The Cham culture museum in Da Nang and the Ho Chi Minh museum in Ha Noi and of course, some natural history museums.

4. Why are museums important?

In my opinion, museums are of special importance for many reasons. First of all, artifact collections help us to learn more about our history, elaborate traditions and connect to the lifestyle of our ancestors. In natural history museums, fossils provide us with evidence about biosphere processes and help us to understand the evolution of Earth and all its creatures. Finally, we can learn lessons from our ancestors, who struggled for the independence and freedom of our country.

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